Nick Warren – Global Underground 003: Prague (CD1)

Global Underground 003: Nick Warren, Live in Prague is a DJ mix album in the Global Underground series, compiled and mixed by Nick Warren. The set was recorded at a gig in Prague, Czech Republic. This is the second and last live recording in the Global Underground series. The subsequent albums are studio recordings inspired by the live sets in the featured cities.

His first mix, performed live in the Czech Republic capital, highlighted to many people for the first time that there was a rapidly growing dance scene in the former Eastern Europe. The tracks are a snapshot of 1997, with trance stylings, rolling bass and epic breakdowns.

Disc 1 Tracklist:

Cruzeman – “The Ohm Sessions” (Coloured Oxygen Reprise) – 3:44
Nalin & Kane – “Beachball” – 4:30
Cruzeman – “Tech Theme” – 3:48
The Coffee Boys – “Nipple Fish” (One Life Remix) – 5:00
Mikerobenics – “Schattenmund” (Dave Angel Remix) – 4:39
Aquaplex – “Spirit” – 4:59
Riot Rhythm – “Noise Shots” – 5:16
Watchman – “Cut the Midrange” (Timewriter Remix) – 6:25
LT Project – “Boom” – 4:56
Life on Mars – “Life on Mars” – 5:03
Pako Stef & Frederik – “Magic Shop” (Forth Coded Dub) – 6:27
Tom Celsys – “Credits” – 5:11