Nick Warren – Global Underground 003: Prague (CD2)

Global Underground 003: Nick Warren, Live in Prague is a DJ mix album in the Global Underground series, compiled and mixed by Nick Warren. The set was recorded at a gig in Prague, Czech Republic. This is the second and last live recording in the Global Underground series. The subsequent albums are studio recordings inspired by the live sets in the featured cities.

DJ Nick Warren

Already a well established club DJ in Bristol and around the UK, Warren was just starting to enjoy wider recognition in his production partnership Way Out West too, making him an exciting choice.

It was to be the start of one of the longest running relationships in dance music. Nick has mixed eight editions of the series to date (GU 003, 008, 011, 018, 024, 028, 030, and 035), with a ninth installment planned. His alliance with GU has led him to turn down many offers to mix other compilations, preferring to associate himself fully with the trusted name and gave him such a good platform to share it.

Disc 2 Tracklist

Distant Drums – “Distant Drum” – 6:38
16C+ – “Gospel 2001” – 4:06
DJ Randy – “Pandomia” – 6:44
The Dark Age – “Ancient Quest” – 4:47
Energy 52 – “Café del Mar” (Three ‘N One Remix) – 6:56
Chaser – “Reach for it” – 5:24
Clanger – “Seadog” – 5:46
The Freak & Mac Zimms – “Submission” – 4:47
Deepsky – “The Tempest” – 7:13
Anjo – “Sunrise” – 4:48
Moonman – “Galaxia” – 5:23