Danny Howells – Global Underground 027: Miami (CD2)

Global Underground 027 CD2: Danny Howells, Miami is a DJ mix album in the Global Underground series, compiled and mixed by Danny Howells. It is a retrospective mix of Danny Howell’s halloween party at Club Space in downtown Miami. The album peaked at #14 on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums.[3] With Nu Breed and 24/7 mixes, Danny was already a key part of the GU family, but had surprisingly never released in the City series until this point.

Trust Mr Howells to safely represent the party city of Miami in fine style when finally asked to do one then. This mix demonstrates how far the grassroots sound played by Global Underground’s protégés had moved from the classic progressive era that spawned them, into a lighter but devastatingly funky take on house. Howells is the master of this, and the mix evokes one of his famous all night South Beach sessions perfectly. Listen to Danny Howells Global Underground 001: Miami (CD1).